The Introduction

We introduce to you “The Introduction” of something epic. Two videographers who were were tired of watching the same old shows on TV come together to create more creative videos with an edge. What you see here is the beginning of something monumental, so stay tuned. This is how it all started.


Fresh Start

This is our new site hope you will be under construction so patience is appreciated thanks.

Reel Rebelz Promo

This is a true depiction of a REBEL with ambition. This video is more than just an amazing athlete training for a basketball tournament. It’s about the hunger, the drive, the love and the dedication that he has for something that he is passionate about – the game of basketball. This REBEL is on his grind, but he is not the only one. This video is a metaphor for how Tyre Nobles and Taylor Jackson feel about creating original and creative videos. The hunger, the drive, the love and the dedication runs parallel.